Manage your weight this autumn


Stay on track… Lockdown has been a strange time for everyone, the last 6 months has completely changed our way of thinking. The sense of normality is a distant memory as we all yearn for its return. New rules, new regulations has brought disruption and frustration to us all. We are all spending more time at home due to the restrictions, and as […]

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Mental heath


With the full easing of lockdown still uncertain many of us are faced with numerous challenges. We may be able to see friends and family in person play sport or return to work within social distancing guidelines, but many of us may still find these longed awaited changes difficult on our mental health. The thought of coming out of […]

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Wellbeing for Businesses


  Great wellbeing discussion at Cripps in Tunbridge Wells. The discussion was live streamed to their other branches in Kings Hill and Chelsea. Wellbeing is such a hot topic within businesses right now and businesses are looking to experts for guidance. My presentation covered a variety of topics from stress & the symptoms, sleep deprivation, […]

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5 things you should know about water


  Your body at rest needs about 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day to maintain hydration. So if you are active and when the weather is hot our bodies will need more. Water makes up over two-thirds of the healthy human body. It lubricates the joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste […]

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Stefan Stone’s weight loss journey


Before I began training with Henry my weight had been piling on slowly. A hectic job in the city and a busy social life meant that there was little time left in my schedule for going to the gym When I tipped the scales at over 15 ½ stone, I knew I had to take […]

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Diabetes are you at risk?


TYPE 2 DIABETES, ARE YOU AT RISK? More than 750 people are being diagnosed with condition every day Around 3.8million Britons now have the condition, many of them Type 2 Diabetes is becoming a national health emergency, a charity has warned. Figures show that hundreds of people are diagnosed with the condition every day in […]

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THE O’CONOR’S & FRIENDS Group Personal Training – Wadhurst We’ve been training with Henry for a few years now and I feel a lot fitter from his training sessions. My husband, John has also benefited from personal training. Group Personal Training – Wadhurst Our group training sessions are really enjoyable  and bring out the competitive spirit […]

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Purple Fruits


HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS You may have seen a picture of a meal I prepared and posted on our social media page of baked salmon in sweet teriyaki and ginger marinade with Thai black rice and plum vine tomatoes. Truly Delicious! This is a highly nutritious meal containing natural oils and protein (essential for joints/muscles), vitamin C, […]

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